We are neither an elite athlete group, nor people who are training only to compete in races. We are general people like you who is either a student, a service holder, a business person having a common goal of staying healthy in this stressful Dhaka life and ride for recreation, commute, health, and sheer fun. We do enjoy occasional races between our members and organize community races to measure our growth, skill, and fitness level – which is a community initiative.

Mirpur Riders
This group is for Mirpur and and it's surrounding Neighborhood.*
(* Kajipara, Sewrapara, taltola, agargaon, mirpur 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, pollobi, senpara, mirpur DOHS.)
All of our members are also Members of BDCyclists.

The motto of Mirpur Riders is 'WE RIDE TO LIFE".
we ride together. We share our happiness and sorrows. And in one word its our family.

Our regular official rides
1. Long Run (Once in every month, out of Dhaka)
2. Food-fest (Once in every month)
3. Jumpybumpy ( Off Road Ride)
4. Red fireflies (Night Ride)
5. Finding route (Route exploring ride)
6. Hartal Ride (During any hartal, best for beginners)
7. newbies time (begginers practice time)

Official Meeting Places
01. Original 10 (Mirpur)
02. Osmani hall (MIST)
03. 16 ECB Canteen (DOHS)
04. In front of Halmark card & gift shopl

Join Us
If you live anywhere in mirpur and have a bike and like to ride together
Anybody belongs to this group can arrange a Ride, post their own cycling related events, pictures and stories.
but nobody is allowed to use the word "OFFICIAL".
It is strictly reserved for "Mirpur Riders" admins.
and when arranging a ride, please mention this things
01. Date
02. Route
03. Reporting time
04. Reporting Place
05. Start Time
06. Total Distance
07. Puncture provability
08. rider level
10. and this sentence "this is not an OFFICIAL ride of "Mirpur Riders"

* Helmet is a must for all riders.
* For night rides Front and Back light is also mandatory

Official fan page

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